What not recycling will do ?

Here is a little list of things that might happen if we don't recycle:

1-About 50 million tons of paper are recycled annually, but this is only about half of what is produced. If there were no recycled paper, we would lose 850 million more trees a year.

2-If aluminum cans were not being recycled, there would be over 80 billion of them left in landfills and on land every year. It actually costs more, and it uses 95 percent more energy to make new cans from raw materials.

3-Creating virgin products instead of recycling in most cases uses much more energy, and creates unhealthy emissions. Continued emissions lead to unhealthy living conditions and smog.

4-Throwing away toxic materials like paint, batteries, CFL bulbs, and chemicals will inevitably find their way back into the groundwater. Public water plants can't filter out everything, not to mention it affects wildlife, too.

5-It kills wildlife. Creating more waste not only takes up more space that wildlife use, but they use it as a feeding ground. Animals don't know any better than to scavenge off of our food scraps and waste, and can't differentiate between safe and unsafe food. There are also a number of harmful contaminants and materials in landfills that will easily kill or trap animals, like fishing line, nets, and plastic can rings.

6-The world becomes a giant dump. Landfills everywhere, garbage smell all over the place. The only solution is to reuse things we've used before and to not use as much stuff.





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